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Mahaniam United Methodist Church Cemetery Established 1803 in Mahaniam, Virginia (Now Clinchberg, Va)


This Land was once a Cherokee Village called "Passawatamie" ("This is the Place")
Native Americans gathered here to Celebrate and have Olypmic games. 
It was located in Mahanaim, Virginia. Now it is called the Mahanaim United Methodist Church Cemetery  located in Clinchberg, VA, the church was established in 1803. During the Civil War, The Confederate Soldiers took it over the cemetery and set-up their burial and campgrounds.


My Cherokee Ancestors of Color are Buried Here. The oral history is, they were buried  beneath a Large Oak Tree in Mahaniam Indian Village ... 

It took  20 years of research to find them ...

Mahaniam United Methodist Church Established 1803
My Great Great Grandparents and their daughter are Buried Here
Richard "Dick" Lewis
Feb. 17, 1834 - Nov. 26,1909
Father/​Slaveholder William F. Clark
Mother - Hanna Lewis 
Full Blood Cherokee
Wyndham Lewis Clark
June 28, 1876 - August 9, 1949
Great Grandfather
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lewis
July 21, 1836 - Nov. 28, 1917
Her parents were David and Elsie Seldon
Pocahontas Lewis-Butler
B. July 6, 1870
Great Aunt
Emma Michell-Clark
August 1884 - December 9, 1912
Great Grandmother
Edgar Lewis Clark
July 15, 1907 - March 5, 1985

" The measure of a woman's character is not what she gets from her ancestors, but what she leaves her descendants"

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