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I continue to be inspired by   
Dr. Henry Louis Gates
 "Finding Your Roots"
It is a Fascinating TV series!

Ruth D. Hunt is passionate about family genealogy!  The extraordinary process of uncovering the lives of our ancestors and learning whose shoulders we stand on,  is a phenomenal experience! And yet, it can be a spiritual experience too, because our ancestors want us to find them. Our Ancestors want us to tell their stories and in the process, it gives one a great sense of pride to know who we are and what contributions our ancestors have made to society.


This process is especially fulfilling for African Americans and multi-cultural people because of our fragmented past and lack of documentation and the harsh reality of slavery. Storytelling and oral history has been a key component over the years,  Ms. Hunt has mastered the art of presenting and conducting genealogy workshops by telling her stories and providing research tools needed  to connect the fragmented past. She is forever inspired by the many people who take her workshops. It is especially  joyful to see the faces of the participants light up with curiosity and a great sense of pride when they uncover their truth. Nothing is more inspiring to someone than to learn where they come from and how their family history is woven into the fabric of American history and beyond!

Growing up, in Brooklyn, Ms. Hunt's father was her greatest inspiration known by everyone for his masterful storytelling.  Her father was the family rock, the Griot, and the keeper of the family flame.


In 1977, after Alex Haley transformed the world with his book and television series “Roots”, Ms. Hunt began to inquire about her ancestors and started piecing together the fragments of her family history. As a native, first generation born in the North, she traveled to the south and had the privilege to sit at the feet of her southern elders.  She feels blessed to had the opportunity to document their family stories.


Ms. Hunt had the good fortune to meet the worlds greatest motivator in the world of genealogy, during 1985., she had the honor and pleasure to meet 

"The Genealogy Godfather", “Alex Haley”! Surprisingly, Mr. Haley was fascinated with her family stories and he encouraged her to continue the search.  He autographed her book "Roots" with:  "Ruth, Keep on Searching" and the rest is history ...






" My fondest hope is that "Roots" may start black, white, brown, red, and yellow people digging back for their own roots.  Man,  that would make me feel 90 feet tall" - Alex Haley

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