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Begin with yourself and fill in the blanks


# 1. YOU - fill in your name and work backwards

# 2. Your Father's Name

# 4. Your Father's Father= Grandfather's name

#.5. Your Father's Mother - Use Maiden name

# 8. Your Father's Grandfather's Father

# 9. Your Father's Grandmother's Mother

# 10. Your Father's Mother's Father


# 3.  Your Mother - Use Her Maiden name

# 6.  Your Mother's Father = Your Grandfather

# 7.  Your Mother's Mother= Your Grandmother

# 12. Your Mother's Father 's GrandFather 

# 13. Your Mother's Father's Mother

# 14. Your Mother's Father's Grandfather

# 15. Your Mother's Mother's Grandmother


Write down everything you know about your family: dates and places of births, marriages and deaths of all the members of your family starting with yourself and your siblings. Work backwards going back, generation by generation ... Document the stories that have been passed down word of mouth.

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